[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Date: Fri Mar 6 21:09:28 EET 2009
Hi Mark,

> If Maemo Mapper would use the *vector* OSM data and do routing on the
> device

this obviously would be great. But hey, it's open source, you can hack it :) . 
IMO MaemoMapper is an excellent open source app, though one always desires 
even more features.

> (and were a bit more stable, although it's much better than all 
> the other alternatives in that respect),

It starts crashing from time to time. I usually solve this be dropping the map 
container db file. After that, I need to refesh all tiles, but it runs stable 
again. IMO it looks that there are occasions where the database gets damaged, 
maybe a crash.


> Working with OSM is another subject entirely, and can be done without
> any of the navigation-oriented apps.

Yes and no. I plan all of my tours, even the mapping tours. That's why I need 
a device which displays the planned route. Currently I use MaemoMapper for 
that, and it works just nicely.

> JOSM is a nightmare.

Well, Autocad as well. JOSM is THE editor which probably allows to do most 
stuff with osm data. Its usability has improved a lot during the last two 
years, but true, it still requires a certain learning curve.

IMO all of your points are valid. But being an open source hacker myself, I 
have a lightly different point of view (no offense BTW) :) .

Best regards,


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