[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Sat Mar 7 00:52:31 EET 2009
John, you wrote:
> I have to agree with Mark that, implicitly, Nokia misleads the public to
> the extent that it markets the IT's along side of its other mass market
> mobile phone devices if, in fact, the IT's are a work in progress (I
> agree, they are, unfortunately)  that will take 5 generations  and a few
> more years to get the product ready for the mass market.

I don't think they're yet ready for the mainstream, but I don't think they're an albatross around the neck of anyone who buys them, as your Amazon figures show:

> N800
>    4 stars out of 5 with a sample size of 172
> N810
>    4 stars out of 5 with a sample size of 93

Anyway, let's remember the "not ready for mainstream" point...

>    Over a period of three years, I can count on one finger the number
>    of individuals besides myself that I have actually seen 
>    carrying/using an IT

As you say, the mainstream aren't buying them yet. If they're not ready for the mainstream, that's a good thing, no?



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