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From: John Holmblad jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com
Date: Sat Mar 7 19:24:20 EET 2009

you are, of course, correct in that Nokia has had tremendous success 
with mass market mobile phones................ but not PDA's or IT's. 

Nokia might do well run the following experiment (in situ if you will) 
to get a better (and sooner than 2 more generations from now) grasp of 
what the mass market really expects/demands from an IT like product..

    * Select a diversified (from janitor to exec level) sample of say
      100 NON-Technical employees of Nokia from around the world who do
      not already own/use an IT and provide them with a N810 + a mobile
      phone with data service but with all other apps besides voice on
      the mobile phone itself disabled. Disabling those apps obviously
      will force the user to "get to know" the N810.

    * Provide no training, only the documentation in the product box.

    * Let them use the combo for 90 days

    * Run a focus group (or a few) at the end to record experiences,
      attitudes, perspectives on their use of the n810

My own theory, so far unproven is that a truly successful IT product 
should be able to take away market share from the smartphone market, 
allowing the user to replace their smartphone with a less powerful 
handset that supports voice + data (as a modem) + bluetooth + a very 
strong battery and which for the most part, stays in the user's pocket.

Perhaps the forthcoming G4 of the IT, with its HSDPA support, if and 
when it is released, will eliminate the need for the handset altogether 
for those intrepid enough to replace their GSM voice provider with a 
provider of SIP trunking services. Those of us, in the U.S. for 
example,  who use CDMA/EVDO networks for our mobile service will either 
have to switch to a mobile service provider that supports HSDPA or, 
utilize the bluetooth interface on the G4 IT to our CDMA/EVDO mobile 
phone, and live with the vestigial (for this particular use case) HSDPA 

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Jean-Christian de Rivaz wrote:
> John Holmblad a écrit :
>> Jean-Chirstian,
>> you have put into words a good operational definition of the mass 
>> market for the context of this discussion, that is:
>>    "...........people that don't have some technical orientation"
>> Like many companies, Nokia seems to have been fooled into thinking 
>> that the mass market as one that DOES have a technical orientation. 
>> Apple, a very experienced marketing as well as technology company 
>> does not make this mistake.
>> I for one would like to see Apple acquire Nokia. That would be a 
>> great combination. Unfortunately, and in direct contrast to Cisco,  
>> Apple does not do acquisitions  and they have never been good at it.
> I was not talking about Apple. Nokia make a hug number of phone that 
> are buy by people without technical orientation. Theres phones are 
> easy to use and the interface is not frustrating as is the current 
> interface of too many applications of the tablet. Nokia, as a company, 
> can do a super tablet product, but this need strategic decision from 
> the top of the company to put the most skilled QA and interface 
> engineering resources there have to work with the current team.
> I think this is the good time to do so. Now the hardware and the 
> infrastructure of the tablet is mature enough. The market too.
> Best Regards.

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