[maemo-users] N8xx ponderings

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Sun Mar 8 02:34:55 EET 2009
kenneth marken wrote:
> Ognen Duzlevski wrote:
>>> the only company that has given linux a fair chance in all this is asus, 
>>> and they have the worst linux distro in use...
>> Luckily, Ubuntu runs on Eee.
> while true, people will give xandros a spin, find it a nightmare and 
> then return the whole eeepc for the windows version...
> that is, if they didnt get talked out of buying based on price in the 
> first place by the staff at the local store...

I got the bottom end 2G Surf for free, from my bank.  The Xandros Linux
on it is a bit of a pain and one thing I discovered is it doesn't like
to have a space or semi-colon in a WPA key.  I investigated installing
another distro on it, but found that due to limited hardware resources,
it would be very difficult to do.  I guess it's OK for kids, which was
it's intended market.

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