[maemo-users] Installing packages onto /media/...

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Mar 9 11:08:28 EET 2009

ext Peter Flynn wrote:
> I have a nicely-running N800, but the apps I use are taking up most of 
> the internal space. I want to add a couple of big ones (TeX is one) and 
> I have plenty of space on SD cards. Is there a command for package 
> installation that says, in effect, "install this all in /media/foo/bar 
> and symlink it back to where you would normally have installed it"? Or 
> some other way? I guess if I knew how to view the inside of a package I 
> could work out where all the big stuff is expecting to go, and create 
> symlinks in those places to the SD cards...or would that make the 
> installer spit blood when it finds that symlinks exist where it expected 
> to create new directories?

"Easiest" way is probably something like following as root
   # cp -a /usr/share/ /media/mmc1/
   # cd /usr
   # mv share share.old
   # ln -s /media/mmc1/share share
   (# rm -r share.old)

(Depending on which memory card you want to use, you might change
mmc1 to mmc2.)

Memory cards have VFAT file system which doesn't support all
the required file attributes, so they're mounted so that you cannot
execute programs from them, but /usr/share shouldn't have any
executables.  The data files should take most of the space in
the packages, so moving /usr/share on to memory card probably
helps most.

***NOTE***: if/when your memory VFAT file system card corrupts,
your device will not anymore boot!

That's why it's instead recommended booting the whole system from
a memory card that has been formatted with a file system that doesn't
corrupt as easily as VFAT (needed for Windows/OSX compatibility)
and supports all the necessary file attributes.

	- Eero

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