[maemo-users] N8xx ponderings

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Mon Mar 9 22:15:58 EET 2009
John Holmblad wrote:
> Fred C,
> re your comment
>    "...............with more core memory........."
> Where can I get some of that?
> The long boot time of windows XP, and, for that matter Vista, explains 
> why Microsoft is racing to get Windows 7 out the door to "fix" that 
> Achilles heel vs Linux. Microsoft are only too aware that today's 
> 10-18 year olds (the next generation, if you will, of corporate users) 
> will prefer what works first/fastest to reconnect them to their 
> connected world vs whose name is on the OS.
FYI, I've recently loaded W7 onto a couple new boxes to see how it would 
work.  After about a month, I'm not so sure W7 isn't going to be another 
Vista disaster. 

    * Pro -- the boot time has been reduced.  This seems to be
      accomplished to a great extent by limiting the task bar to 3 MS
      chosen items.  There's all sorts of freeware out that that will
      let XP users cut out most of the startup junk that bogs down XP
      boot up. 
    * Con -- Driver verification.  After installing W7 from a new
      blue-ray DVD, W7 discovered the BR-DVD isn't on it's current pay
      thru to nose to MS list of approved drivers -- so it doesn't
      recognize it when you boot up, unless you go thru the hassle of
      F8, and selecting ignore driver verification at W7 boot time.
      Ditto for various USB devices, motherboard drivers and the like.
    * W7 wouldn't let me install my Shuttle Vista drivers, hence it
      wouldn't recognize the LAN, hence you can't get any direct
      support.  W7 is likely to be the same driver mess for endusers
      attempting to migrate from XP AND Vista to W7. 
    * Caveat -- it's possible with a beta release that some of these
      driver restrictions are to limit hassles of managing all the
      devices that folks might want to connect to their computers before
      W7 is ready. If true, then MS is living in DaNile -- when W7 is
      released, it's going to be dumped on for being very unprepared to
      handle all the devices folks expect to work with W7.
    * W7 requires 4 partitions, leaving only 1 partition for a dual boot
      to Ubuntu or other OS.  Ubuntu currently recommends an separate
      partition for swap memory, but W7 isn't going to allow it.
    * W7 has all sorts of nice OS bloatware that I'm sure is intended to
      make things easy for novices. Stuff like self-testing your systems
      performance (mem, CPU, Disk access, graphics, etc) up to a scale
      of 8.  I suppose it's nice to see where your system performance is
      weak, but in the OS?  You can move the cursor over your task bar
      apps and it shows a small window of what that process is doing. 
      Cute -- but essential?  This sort of junk is probably enough to
      fill up 4Gs of extra memory...  Meanwhile, it won't recognize my
      blue-ray DVD... 

IMHO, W7 is not a slimmed down beefed up Vista, it's Vista in a girdle. 

IMHO, if I were in charge of W7 design, somewhere along the development 
process, I'd have put in some self monitoring system that would self 
delete from the core processes and apps that people don't use or need 
much, leaving this sort of bloatware something to be accessed from an 
online repository on final release.  I suspect that nLiting MS OS to 
eliminate MS bloatware is going to become an increasingly popular trend. 

Of the things the various Linux things have done right, including the 
tablet's 2008 OS,  is they generally have a decently tight core OS that 
users can build upon from online repos to fill their need. The problem 
is not all of the repo apps are made to the same reliability or 
usability standards as one might wish.  As anyone who uses MS junk might 
say -- "So what else is new"?

Always, Fred C

> Best Regards,
> John Holmblad
> **
> lakestevensdental wrote:
>>> On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 5:28 PM, kenneth marken 
>>> <kemarken at broadpark.no> wrote:
>>>>> iirc, when first launched the linux variant was the lowest spec-ed 
>>>>> one, and
>>>>> the windows variants both came with rebates that made them as 
>>>>> cheap or
>>>>> cheaper then the start out config of the linux one.
>> FYI, you can install Ubuntu Easy Peasy on a Linux netbook with a 
>> couple easy steps.  Dual boot to XP or Xandros is possible.
>> Also, if you've got a spare XP license floating around, it's 
>> relatively simple to install XP on a linux netbook 
>> <http://www.multimolti.de/blog/2008/12/14/install-windows-7-on-asus-eee-pc-900/>, 
>> nLited or not.  FYI, my nLited XP eee netbook running at a modest 
>> 600M speed boots from solid state memory in about 15 seconds, about a 
>> minute faster than most any other XP I've used.  It's truly 
>> impressive how well XP runs when you nLite and remove all the MS junk 
>> you never use or need.  I also just upgraded from 500M to a SODIMM 2G 
>> internal memory card for $25.  Meanwhile, my ntablet appears stuck 
>> with a whopping 128M...
>> FYI, I spend more time on my tablet than my netbook while poking 
>> around RSS, simple mind games, email and web.  Netbooks require you 
>> to sit up in bed, so I can't see retiring my tablet anytime soon.
>> I just wish the tablet hardware could be upgraded to higher speed 
>> processing, with more core memory -- WITHOUT having to buy a new 
>> unit.  Who knows, perhaps an OS upgrade that allowed 256 or 512M of 
>> memory would help.  Speed would seem likely to fix most of the 
>> browsing and video limitations many have with the current n8xx 
>> tablets.   Faster processing and larger memory might also enable 
>> actually recording decent video with a tablet.
>> Always, Fred C
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