[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: Jean-Christian de Rivaz jc at eclis.ch
Date: Tue Mar 10 08:39:15 EET 2009
John Holmblad a écrit :
> Jean-Christian,
> the term "3g radio" is a fairly broad term. The key is what software is 
> going to be in the new G4 IT above the radio/physical layer.  It would 
> make sense, especially if Nokia decides that the G4 IT is going to go 
> after the market served by the iphone, to  give the G4 IT, full 2G/3G 
> voice functionality in addition to  HSDPA. The rub here with such a 
> decision may be the impact on the product cost of having to use a 
> presumably more expensive radio of the kind that are contained in 2G/3G 
> dual mode handsets. I would think that for a product released in 2009 2G 
> support would still be essential.


It seem that you think that there exists 3G chip that make only HSPA, 
without voice, and/or without 2G compatibility. You can be right, but I 
have a big doubt on that.

Best Regards,
Jean-Christian de Rivaz

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