[maemo-users] Iphone + tethering - No Way

From: John Holmblad jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com
Date: Wed Mar 11 04:04:22 EET 2009

I did not ask the sales rep, HOW ATT prevents tethering on the iphone 
and it did not occur to me that they would use the user identity and 
account info derived from the SIM to prevent tethering. For that to 
work, the ATT network would have to be able to determine when a device 
was attempting to tether while authenticated with a SIM and user account 
that did not allow that. I just assume that the iphone hw+sw was 
designed to not include tethering capability, from Apple, at least. As 
Jose points out, there is at least one app available to turn the iphone 
into an IEEE 802.11 Access Point.

Now, I have to ask, does "jailbreaking" the iphone violate the ATT 
commercial terms of its use on the ATT Network?

And speaking of data volume limits for these plans, I have learned that  
a good way to exceed the 5gb limit per month of either ATT's or Verizon 
Wireless's data plan is to start doing RDP or VNC sessions to other 
computers/servers from a computer that is tethered to your mobile 
device. Then launch a www browser on the target computer/server and 
visit your typical www sites (I am not even talking about, say youtube 
here) using that browser on that computer/server. With all the rich 
graphics. and dancing baloney on today's typical www site you will 
quickly  consume that 5 gb on the mobile network with all the graphical 
content being played out over the RDP or VNC session. Actually I am 
making a bit of an assumption here, because so far I have only tried 
this using RDP. VNC may be more bit efficient.

 I understand that Citrix, the original developer of the RDP components 
that Microsoft uses, themselves have a more efficient version of RDP 
(RDP+?} that is, well, more efficient when it comes to the video part of 

In fact, and speaking only based on my experience with the typical real 
bandwidths (~300kbps in the direction to the tethered device) that I get 
over the Verizon Wireless network in the locations where I use it, I get 
that old "dial up/slow-mo" feeling sometimes when using this service. 
The performance  is bad enough that I wish it would be better, but good 
enough that I keep using it.

Best Regards,


John Holmblad


Acadia Secure Networks, LLC

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Jonathan Greene wrote:
> I've been using the original iPhone SIM in various devices for years
> now and I tether all kinds of mobile devices from laptops, N810,
> netbooks ... no issues. I've cleared 2Gb a few times, but 5 would be
> more like your only connection ...
> On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 4:40 PM, Kevin T. Neely
> <ktneely at astroturfgarden.com> wrote:
>> FWIW, I don't have an iphone, but I do have a $15/mo unlimited (which means
>> 5GB) plan from AT&T and I tether my laptop to that.
>> K
>> On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 1:27 PM, John Holmblad
>> <jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com> wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I finally had a chance to visit an ATT store near me to check out iphone
>>> service plan pricing. In the process I learned that the iphone does NOT
>>> support tethering (via bluetooth or otherwise) of other devices to it
>>> for the purpose of Internet access for such other devices. Furthermore I
>>> learned that ATT, like Verizon Wireless, has 2 choices of data plans for
>>> those devices that DO support tethering as explained to me by their
>>> salesperson. These choices are
>>>    1. Device only Internet access                               $30
>>>    US/month
>>>    2. #1 above + Device Tethering capability          $60 US/month^1
>>>    (there is a limit of 5gb/month put on this)
>>> ATT also has a data only plan for users who just want to use a USB or
>>> Cardbus adapter for mobile Internet access for their PC or other device.
>>> The monthly charge for that plan, called "Data Connect" is $60/month
>>> also with a 5gb limit but with overage charges for use beyond the 5
>>> gb/month.
>>> I should note that the $60 US/month for  pricing plan #2 above from ATT
>>> compares with a price of $44.99 US/month^2 from Verizon which has the
>>> same 5gb monthly limit (stated in its fine print), a ~$15 US/month price
>>> difference in favor of Verizon Wireless vs ATT.
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