[maemo-users] Nokia device usage

From: ScottW Scott at sw41.com
Date: Thu Mar 12 06:10:17 EET 2009
The biggest fault in any computer to make a virus successful is the part between the keyboard and chair.  I am quite sure that no one reading this email falls for that pop up window from Anti-Virus2009 that says your computer is infected and click here to run a virus scanner (but you probably know someone who did) that will then infect your windows machine.  True that specific one will not infect a Mac or *nix computer, but once joe/jane average goes out and buys a Mac or that $199 computer preloaded with linux, they will be blindly entering their admin password to any screen saver that has a cute puppy on the screen and each time you click the pic, it wags its tail or licks the screen while a script in the background is deleting your drive, sending your quickbook files to russia, or using your built in smtp server to spam 1/2 the country.  I have had some of my Mac users come up to me asking for the admin password "because the window came up" and not being able to tell me why they need it or what program it came from.  You think they will think twice if they had the admin password for their own machine and the authentication window came up?  I am not complaining, its people like these that keep me in a job.

Windows currently has the larger market share and that is where the hackers that want the fame or attention are focused.  90% market share also means a larger population of people who believe bill gates sent them a test email and will get a check from him if they just reply.  There are windows users who have never had the headache of being infected regardless of what bug is out there simply because they know better than to open that exe from BankXYZ's security center saying to open this file that has their new password.  I know its not all the user to blame and a default version of XP on the internet gets hacked with in 2 minutes.

The Mac and *nix world needs to stop gloating about their clean record so far and keep an eye out for what is to come.  Dues to the learning curve of the OS, the users were more "enlightened" than the common computer user, but now these are  more wide spread and the common user will be using them.  The conspiracy theory people say that Antivirus companies are the ones making most of the viruses so that they have a product to sell, well there is a market out there just waiting to be tapped.  Norton AV for Mac is on the shelves even though there is only really 1 documented virus, and people buy it.

The good ole saying: "The devil's greatest accomplishment was to convince everyone he does not exist"... well the Linux virus does not exist.

So where is Norton for Nokia 8x0? (hehe)

-- Scott
Still like my n810!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 6:31:39 AM, you wrote:

> John Holmblad wrote:
>> James,

>> as you are well aware, a user of a Microsoft Desktop or Server OS is not 
>> required to use Outlook for email. Mozilla Thunderbird works quite well  
>> on Microsoft OS's and of course there is Evolution.


> I am well aware that you can use other mail applications.  However, many
> corporate users allow nothing else and many people don't even know there
> are alternatives.  As for IE, while you can use other browsers, you
> can't really get rid of it and it will often be used by some apps etc.,
> even though it's not the default browser.  Also, the problems are not
> caused by IE, but due to the fact it's so tightly tied to the OS that a
> problem with it becomes a problem for the OS.

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