[maemo-users] Ihpone on Steroids to IT G5?

From: John Holmblad jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com
Date: Fri Mar 13 01:03:44 EET 2009

the post at the www page whose url is


frames the experience I had today.

While seated at a luncheon following a technical  meeting 
(Cisco/VMware/Netapp/etc)  I duly noted that I was among a crowd (that 
would be ~6-8 people)  where the average mobile device at the table was 
somewhere between the iphone and the blackberry.

While explaining what I do to the individual seated next to me , I 
brought the N800 into the discussion and  I blithely asserted that the 
N800 is, well,.........like an iphone on steroids but without a GSM or 
CDMA radio for voice.  Although the listener,  knows that LInux is, in 
fact,  an operating system, and is aware of the TMobile G1 (but not 
Android), that individual did not perceive it as a big deal that the 
N800 runs LInux and is therefore capable of multitasking. This is 
perhaps what I expected, that is, the end user, even of the kind (let's 
call them technically sophisticated professionals) who would attend such 
an event, does not really care about these things.

I did ask the iphone user about her experience with the device and she 
said she loved it. And during a discussion on iphone jailbreaking she 
confirmed that one of her friends has jailbroken his iphone to get 
tethering to work.

I think that the following commentary

>     For consumers, it appears that features such as the touchscreen
>     interface are more in demand than the OS. Since the iPhone was
>     released, almost every major phone manufacturer is offering a
>     touch-screen model, many of which are not smartphones

from the wireless week article whose url is:


says it all although the same article does have some positive things to 
say about the Nokia Nseries

And speaking of Nokia and the Iphone, here is the url to another posting 
from the thestreet.com www site that suggests that Nokia will join hands 
with Verizon Wireless to take on the ATT/Iphone Cabal:


Maybe what the article's author is referring to without knowing it is G5 
of the IT?


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