[maemo-users] Browser Reload Tabs app?

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Mar 18 12:09:46 EET 2009

ext Randall wrote:
>>>>> As my N800 locks up sometimes, 2-3 times a day (I've got nothing 
>>>>> running on it but the latest OS) is there a proggy that will 
>>>>> re-open all my open Browser windows when I reboot the browser - ala 
>>>>> Firefox?
>>>> If you press the power button, do you get the power menu?
>>> Yes and I can lock the keys, and then unlock, but that only sometimes 
>>> kicks the unit back into gear.
>> So the device hasn't locked up, power key works and you can even
>> interact with the power menu?
>> Is the use-case for the lockup following:
>> - You have a Browser page open with Flash video playing in it
>> - You switch away from Browser (to Desktop or another application)
>> - screen blanks while the Flash is still playing on the background,
>> - video finishes playing before you tap on the screen to wake it up
>> ?
>> (If yes, this is NB#83173

(sorry, NB#85766)

>> which doesn't seem to be reported at 
>> bugs.maemo.org.  Could you then report your use-case there and put
>> me on CC?)
> You are correct

To workaround the bug, avoid leaving Flash video playing on
the background.  (this way you also drain battery less)

It would seem to be a bug in Browser/Flashplayer, it has somehow
corrupted its ESD output (writes less to ESD socket than it should).

Because of this, ESD sound daemon starts busylooping, which will stop
all other clients that try to output any sounds (including Desktop).
This behavior may be caused by a "bugfix" we've inherited from
the upstream ESD version:

To unfreeze the device, you need to do in (e.g. SSH) console:
	killall esd

Even if ESD would work around[1] this issue, Browser would still be
unusable.  To get Browser working again you need to do:
	killall browserd

(killing the daemons should get them restarted.)

> - BUT I can't get this posted on bugs - no matter what I do.

Sorry, what do you mean?

> You have a bug number - what's with that?

I found it from our internal bug tracker, but this issue doesn't
seem to be publicly reported.  That's why I asked you to report it
to bugs.maemo.org (the public/community bug tracker) so that somebody
could e.g. fix it for Diablo community updates (ESD isn't used in

I could then attach a potential patch to fix the ESD issue to that bug.

>>>> (I.e. is something just grabbing the input instead the device 
>>>> freezing.)
>>> No.
>>>> Do you have swap enabled?  If yes, have you checked that the memory 
>>>> card FAT file system hasn't corrupted?
>>> Yes it is and no it's not (I like those answers).
>> Good. :-)

	- Eero

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