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From: Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com
Date: Thu Mar 19 10:52:24 EET 2009

I think I now understand what the problem is. You are abele to print our PDFs but the layout we use wastes paper as our margins are too wide. 

Please write bug report about this to the maemo bugzilla so that I remember to check this.

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>Thanks for your reply, Jarmo
>It appears to me that the document margins are too large. The 
>side margins are about 20% of the document, so if you print, 
>lets say, 200 pages of PDF documentation, your are wasting a 
>big amount of paper.
>If you take a look at this
>http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.5/svn-book.pdf (Subversion's 
>Red Book), I think they have their margins at about 12% of the page.

I think we can try to fix this. Subversion example you gave above uses more booklike layout e.g. left margin wider than right etc. I think we could do the same for our PDF docs. I think we have about same margin value on left but we could make right one smaller.

>Would you release the latex source for this version (Diablo) 
>or would it be just for Freemantle? And would it be the 
>estimated release time?

We have just started working on Fremantle docs (update and enhance Diablo reference manual to Frementle level). I do not yet have many changes/updates from our platform technology teams for Fremantle so it probably will still take some time before first Fremantle beta documentation (reference manual) release can be done. Only after we have final maemo fremantle reference manual available we can start working on maemo Frementle training material. I changed our process for Diablo so that training material is based on reference manual (e.g. target is that in future reference manual is better maemo document that training material that are just complementing it).

My plan anyhow is that we release first Fremantle beta reference manual in maemo wiki so that maemo community is able to contribute to the Fremantle manual to get best possible final doc release done. Our teams then just review and take community changes from wiki to latex files. I close to have formater tool done that converts our latex docs to MediaWiki format.

I do not plan to release latex files for Diablo anymore as we do not really work on those files or environment anymore we used to generate Diablo docs. I am now working to get our new doc server (Nokia internal service) working and we still need to update some tools and environment stuff for that. I have just generated first doc versions from our new doc server so it looks promising :). Future latex releases are then done from this new server and environment.

>Depending on that, I wouldn't mind to stick to this PDFs, 
>without printing them, instead of trying to figure a way to 
>crop the empty margin around. (Or printing them just like they 
>are, with the margins)

It would be great if you can cope with curret Diablo release and then with Frementle (at least with final) release there will be origin latex files (and maybe also working latex toolchain :) available for you.

>Again, thanks for your prompt reply,

No problem. Happy to help where I can.


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