[maemo-users] xPressent: New app for PDF slides and remote control

From: Nicholas Piper nick-maemousers at nickpiper.co.uk
Date: Sun Mar 22 22:51:04 EET 2009

On Thu, 19 Mar 2009, Álvaro J. Iradier wrote:

> I have started working on a new project called xPressent.
> As a teacher, I work everyday with PDF slides on a laptop connected to
> a projector. I used to have notes related to the slides on a printed
> paper. With xPressent, you can remotely control the slides on the
> projector, and see the slide preview and related notes on the IT
> screen.

This sounds great, I shall check it out.

As you already use Python and pygame, have you thought about
integrating with  http://impressive.sourceforge.net/ ? It's what I
currently use to give PDF presentations that I create with LaTeX. It
works really well. Right now, I use BlueMaemo on the N800 as a remote

> To make it work, you create a .xpr file with the notes for the slides,
> with the same name of the .pdf file, and run the xpressent server on
> the laptop with the .xpr file as parameter. Them, you can start the
> remote client on the internet tablet, and connect via bluetooth to the
> server to change the slides and read the notes. The current slide and
> notes are sent over the bluetooth connection. Don't forget to edit the
> xpressent.conf file to add the remote bluetooth address to the list of
> known addresses!

I wonder if we could get the .xpr files written by LaTeX, or
preprocessing the LaTeX beamer files?

How do we download the entire source from
https://devel.airadier.com/xpressent/browser/trunk/src in one go? Ah,
I see we can download /trunk as a zip.

On the front wiki page, you have a link to "subversion", but it's
actually a link to the Trac source browser.


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