[maemo-users] GPE Calendar and LCARS Theme

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Sat Mar 28 19:00:24 EET 2009
I'd like a little advice about this before filing a bug report.

If you run GPE Calendar and you use the LCARS Theme (any of them), the 
calendar entries come out in pale yellow on a white background, which 
means they're unreadable.

OK, so LCARS does some fairly deep surgery on theming, but I have no 
idea where the palettes are stored, and I don't know if the "fault" (if 
there is one) is that GPE Calendar is flagging stuff wrongly wrt the 
palette, or that LCARS is overwriting the palette with its own without 
checking or testing.

I don't really want to submit this to both authors, but ideally get them 
to discuss it between themselves and identify where the problem lies, 
because that's something I can't do.


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