[maemo-users] Looking for gps logger for n810

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Sun Mar 29 19:51:22 EEST 2009
Thank you.  I gave maemo mapper a try and it does allow me to save the track.  
I think this will do what I want.  I just want to be able to see where I have 
been and since I can also open the old track file each time I use it and add 
to it this should  work for me.

Another question.  I can't seem to add POI's  In maemo mapper.   Is there 
another tool that can create a POI from within mapper.

On Saturday 28 March 2009 04:56:38 pm Christoph Eckert wrote:
> Hi,
> > Hello,  I'm wondering does anyone know of a logging program that would
> > tap into the gps inside the n810.  I'm driving around looking for
> > photographic locations to shoot and I want to have my n810 tracking where
> > I've driven in a given city and then be able to merge that onto a map so
> > that I can use the result as a planning tool for the next time out.

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