[maemo-users] can't get a gps fix (was Re: Looking for gps logger for n810)

From: Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni lists at prometoys.net
Date: Mon Mar 30 12:18:16 EEST 2009

sorry for thread-hijacking. I can't get a gps fix with my n810.
Yesterday I try it with lot of patience and put the n810 for more then
30min on a table on the balcony. When I try maemo-mapper the gps-icon in
the status bar appears and disappears again and again. But my Garmin
eTrex (cheapest GPS device I know) get a fix even indoor behind the

How must I setup GPS in maemo-mapper?
What can I do to get a GPS-fix (I tried GPS-Settings-> Location)?



Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni

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