[maemo-users] Getting Easy-Debian to work

From: John B. Holmblad jholmblad at hotmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 30 15:28:31 EEST 2009

after installing an 8g SDHC card on my N800 I decided to make use of it 
by downloading/installing the Turbo Easy Debian for Everyone v0.9.19 app 
that is available now from the maemo downloads www page. It installed 
successfully and it deposited apps into several app directory categories 
(extras, utilities,  and comms ? - I am not in front of my N800 right 
now to provide the exact details). However when I select on, say, the 
openoffice app in the extras category, it fails with an obscure error 
message. It seems that there is a defined sequence of the installed 
"helper"apps that must be launched in order for things to work 
correctly. Unfortunately the maemo www page for this app does not 
clearly define those steps.

Any help would be appreciated so I can avoid the need to hunt and peck 
my way to success.

Also, I would like to understand how this easy-Debian install works. It  
would appear that it utilizes the N800 OS as a sort of hypervisor 
virtualization layer and the easy-Debian install runs as a guest OS but 
I am not certain.

Any insights/help would be much appreciated.


Best Regards,

John Holmblad

 Acadia Secure Networks, LLC

* * <mailto:jholmblad at verizon.net>

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