[maemo-users] Where is telnet?

From: Matan Ziv-Av matan at svgalib.org
Date: Thu May 14 23:19:18 EEST 2009
On Thu, 14 May 2009, Alberto Garcia wrote:

> If no one ever realised that telnet was so essential until May 2009
> being such a trivial program to port then it probably wasn't that
> important after all.

Please read the thread you respond to. Telnet is already available for a 
long time. It was available for OS2005 and then on.

> Sure, there are dozens of small command-line tools that some of us use
> everyday, but that doesn't mean that the tablet has to come with all
> of them installed. The root filesystem is already quite full as it is
> now.

Compiling busybox with a few more useful utilities like telnet, hexdump, 
wget, traceroute, etc. only adds 100KB to the binary size. That is less 
than 0.05% of available space.

> Are we going to have the same thread when someone misses nmap and
> netcat?

If people will attack the request instead of pointing to where the 
package is (both are available) then probably we will have.

Matan Ziv-Av.                         matan at svgalib.org

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