[maemo-users] pdf reading?

From: Qiang Chai chaiwizard at gmail.com
Date: Sun May 24 02:31:07 EEST 2009

It seems that you are missing libhildonfm2 (>=1;1.9.49)--the file selection
library package.
In xterm, you can type "dpkg -l | grep hildonfm" to check if the package
Maybe you can install it by yourself.

2009/5/24 Laura Conrad <sunny at laymusic.org>

> I'm finding the interface on the included pdf reader on my Nokia 810
> pretty unusable.
> My impression is that people on this list have mentioned that evince
> might be better, but I can't install that.
> At least one of these problems must be fixable.  So here are my
> questions:
>        Included reader:
>        The file selector dialog (not only here but in the file manager
>        and other apps, but not FBReader) doesn't allow me to select
>        from the external memory card (mounted as /media/mmc1), although
>        it does from the internal memory card (mounted as /media/mmc2).
>        Is there a way to fix this?  I worked around it by opening a
>        terminal and copying the file I wanted to see from external to
>        internal, but there has to be a better way than that.
>        As far as I can see, the way to page down is to open the case
>        and use the down button on the pad.  Is there a way to configure
>        it so that the +/- switch on top (preferable) or the buttons on
>        the side page up or down?
>        I have it zoomed to a size where the text area of the page is
>        the width of the screen, that is, the margins are off the
>        reader.  But when moving down gets to a new page, the reader
>        resets the position of the page so that the left edge of the
>        page is at the left edge of the screen.  Is there a way to tell
>        it not to do that?
>        evince:
>        This is generally true of a lot of the apps I try to install
>        from the application manager.  It's listed in "Installable
>        Apps", but when I try to install it, it says, "Unable to install
>        evince.  Some applications packages required for the
>        installation are missing."  When I click "Details", it says,
>        "Application packages missing: libhildonfm2 (>=1;1.9.49)"  Is
>        there a way to work around this?
>        If I do install it, will I have the same problems I do on the
>        included PDF reader?
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