[maemo-users] pdf reading?

From: Martin Collins maemou at mkcollins.org
Date: Mon May 25 21:33:42 EEST 2009
On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 11:36 AM, Laura Conrad <sunny at laymusic.org> wrote:
> I'm finding the interface on the included pdf reader on my Nokia 810
> pretty unusable.


> My impression is that people on this list have mentioned that evince
> might be better, but I can't install that.

Evince is much better, but it is still a PDF reader. PDF was designed
for printing out documents and IMHO is not suitable for reading, even
on a large screen.

The way to go is to convert to HTML and read in the browser or
FBReader. The latter will rotate, the former will support CSS
formatting. If you flash a special kernel and install the advanced
brightness control you can rotate everything at OS level.

To convert you can use pdf2html from the poppler-utils package. Or
mail the pdf to your gmail account, view in HTML, then save.

You can try installing evince and poppler-utils from
you can also search there for any missing packages.


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