[maemo-users] Re: Not getting hildon theme for Armel terget and unable to build for Armel terget

From: daniel wilms daniel.wilms at nokia.com
Date: Thu May 28 09:47:16 EEST 2009
Hi diptiman roy,

please use the x86 target to test your applications and the armel target *only* for cross compiling. starting the window from the armel target will fail. For further information please have a look at the release notes [1]. 

And the mmap issue is handled here now [2] I guess ;)

[1] http://repository.maemo.org/stable/4.1.2/maemo-sdk-relnotes_4.1.2.txt

[2] http://maemo.org/community/maemo-developers/not_able_to_build_application_for_armel_terget

cheers daniel

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