[maemo-users] Nokia netbook

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Tue Sep 1 21:30:26 EEST 2009
Alexandru Cardaniuc wrote:
> So, how do you explain other companies selling netbooks with Linux? They
> don't know what they are doing?
It's a marketing/business decision.  If the company feels there's 
sufficient market to support the extra hassles of inventory management 
of Linux units, and it makes business sense, ....

For all I know, MS and Nokia may have negotiated getting an extra break 
on an MS OS netbook line if MS has an exclusive OS arrangement for Nokia 
netbooks...  These sorts of arrangements allow both companies to develop 
and market this netbook project without fear of confusing the market 
with incompatible units. I suppose it's possible MS and Nokia may be 
looking at offering something like ATT is offering with a netbook with 
cell phone internet built in and bundling it with some cell phone 
service...  Stuff that's technically possible with an of a variety of 
Linux distros, but there's no Linux marketing agent to sit down at the 
table with Nokia and some cell provider to cut a deal.   Free Linux OSs 
are great, but they offer little to no marketing advantage in these 
sorts of situations.
I'm not sure what your big deal is.  This weekend I got fed up with 
Windows 7 on one of my build-boxes and overwrote the entire HD with 
Ubuntu.  It's a dead simple download and install process.  Or just buy 
one of the other netbooks that comes with Linux.  It's not like they are 
cheaper with Linux...  For all I know, your Linux netbook might have 
ubuntu 8 and you'll soon decide to download and install a Ubuntu 9...  
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