[maemo-users] Nokia netbook

From: Syren Baran sbaran at gmx.de
Date: Fri Sep 4 03:15:37 EEST 2009
Am Donnerstag, den 03.09.2009, 13:16 -0700 schrieb lakestevensdental:

> > So how come linux devices probably outnumber windows devices?
> > (DSL-)Router, NAS/SAN, Hard disc recorders,network printers etc..
> > Oh, it doesnt come with a "powered by linux" sticker. Doesnt mean its
> > not there.
> You seem to be confusing end-user software markets with utility/geek 
> markets.  They are different markets. 

No, i´m not. Most dsl-router run linux. So most people have a linux box
(even if they dont frequently use the web interface).
Hard disc recorders arent exactly a geek tool either, neither are
Tom-Toms. So, no i´m not confusing the markets, otherwise i might have
pointed out that most of the top 500 supercomputers run linux.

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