[maemo-users] Asking for developers and user support for a N900 application

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Sun Sep 6 23:37:20 EEST 2009
Mark wrote:
> I think the codes you are referring to are only available from a
> phone. Even if the N900 has full phone features, there are still
> likely to be different formats for each carrier as well as the codes
> and the information would have to be parsed from text messages, so it
> probably wouldn't be any simpler. In a way, using the Web pages might
> be better. It would probably allow for more features and more
> information than you could get from the codes.

I'm guessing here, but I would be surprised if the carriers didn't all 
have XML web services which provided this information. The problem is 
that you probably have to pay to get them, and they are probably all in 
different formats. It might be worth asking, if you can actually find 
someone in the companies who actually *knows* something technical 
(difficult), because screen-scraping this data from web sites is 
unstable...they can change the page layout and markup at any time.

[Andrea, OP]
> I currently am able to support just two carrier: Italian 3HG and
> Spanish Simyo, since I only have those two SIM/account to test.
> I'm not here to ask you to give me your user/password of your carrier,
> but I would need at least each webpage used in the login process (the
> login page, the webpage after login, the page displaying credit
> remaining ecc....).
> I'll give more details on how to get these information to people who
> will be interested to help me.

I can certainly do that for the two I use in Ireland, O2 and Meteor. 
Mail me off-list.

SIMs for pre-pay (pay-as-you-go) services here cost about €5 (similar in 
the UK), so if you have that level of funding you can probably get them 
to test.


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