[maemo-users] Proxies

From: Tom Metro tmetro+maemo-users at gmail.com
Date: Sun Sep 13 21:32:42 EEST 2009
Peter Flynn wrote:
> In the network applet for N800/OS800, in Connections, you can specify in 
> the Advanced section what your proxies are. This is fine for the 
> protocols provided for (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and RTSP) but I can't see how 
> to tell it to use the same IP address for *all* protocols.

My understanding is that employing a proxy is handled with application 
layer code, not operating system layer code. So even though you are 
specifying proxy settings in a central location, that information is 
being conveyed to the application (such as via environment variables), 
which then makes use of it when establishing the connection.

Therefore applications that aren't designed to use a proxy, can be 
coerced to do so at the operating system. (Of course a transparent 
proxy, which sniffs packets on your LAN and intercepts packets of a 
particular protocol, is another matter. As the name implies, its 
transparent, and requires no configuration or cooperation of the 

> In particular, it would be nice to be able to use SSH, SFTP, Skype, 
> Pidgin, Gizmo, Mauku, and a whole bunch of others on my campus network, 
> which nominally provides HTTP and HTTPS only, but which in fact has a 
> proxy that will pass most things so long as you are configured to talk 
> directly to it.

Sounds more like an IP-layer gateway than a proxy. I haven't heard of a 
"universal" proxy as you describe.

> Most apps don't seem to have any way to specify this...

Each protocol has widely different mechanisms for inserting a proxy, and 
some don't even support proxies. The encrypted protocols you mention 
can't be proxied without installing a root certificate for your network 
that lets the proxy server masquerade as the target host.

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