[maemo-users] USB ethernet

From: kate.alhola at nokia.com kate.alhola at nokia.com
Date: Sun Sep 20 22:05:00 EEST 2009
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>Subject: USB ethernet
>I am away at a conference and the dorm room only has a wired connection. Is there such a thing as a mini-USB-to-RJ45 box or cable, and will the N800/OS2008 recognize/support such a connection?

I have used it with Realtek chip based USB-ethernet module. It works but needs several hacks and it may be dificult
to find USB ethernet module that works. Normally they don't say what chip is used. I did blog about USB-OTG and howto.
In practice easiest cheapest way is to buy simple Wlan base station and connect it to wired connection. It works and
no hacks are needed.


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