[maemo-users] USB Connection Internal Disk In Use Problem

From: Kimmo Hämäläinen kimmo.hamalainen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Sep 22 14:40:48 EEST 2009
On Tue, 2009-09-22 at 13:31 +0200, ext Peter Bart wrote:
> Good Morning All,
> 	I'm starting to use Back In Time to backup my n810 to my notebook,
> which then in turn gets backed up to an external hard drive. The problem
> comes in because sometimes the internal memory card is in use. I'm

I'm assuming you are using the USB mass storage mode of N810 for making
the backups.

> connecting via USB to the notebook. Of course I have a swap partition on
> the internal card, but also my Claws mail folders. The former is

ke-recv should disable swap when you plug in the USB cable if there is
enough free RAM to do that without crashing the whole system.

> excluded from the backup, but I would like to include the latter in my
> daily backup. I'm assuming that; even though I close out all programs
> from their menu's; swap is in use. Thereby preventing the internal card
> from mounting. Is there an easy way to unmount the internal card? I'm

Is the problem only the swap file, ie. it works if you don't have
swapping enabled?


> not sure that moving the Claws folders is an option. I believe that's
> setup during the first run and cannot be changed later. Including only
> the external card is what I'm doing now, since it contains the backup
> archive created by the n810's backup utility and all my files. Having
> the mail folders as well would be some nice gravy.
> Best Regards

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