[maemo-users] n810 configuration

From: Eric S Fraga ucecesf at ucl.ac.uk
Date: Thu Sep 24 12:55:39 EEST 2009

I use my N810 almost exclusively to run screen and emacs (so I can use
org-mode) within screen.  Works like a charm.  The only problem I have
currently is that when I try to hit Control-e (to go to end of line in
Emacs), the window system steals this key binding and initiates a file
search.  Two simple questions: (1) where are global key bindings
defined and (2) how can I remove this particularly key binding?

I've had a look at various config files but basically haven't found
anything useful.  I did find ~/.config/keybindings.rc but this has
only a few bindings, none of which interferes with my normal use.

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