[maemo-users] Brainstorm discussion split between Brainstorm and Talk

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Fri Sep 25 19:36:59 EEST 2009
Quim Gil wrote:
> My opinion is that there is no sane way to discuss and evaluate dozens
> of feature requests simultaneously in a web forum, leave alone a mailing
> list where all subscribers receive everything.

Understood and agreed. I should apologize for straying off topic from
your original post as I was taking the opportunity to bemoan the
existence of both web fora and mailing lists on maemo.org. From an end
user perspective -- especially for newbies -- it's difficult to know
where the best option lies for posing questions to the community as the
populations of one or the other might not necessarily overlap. Hence my
drawn out complaint about Microsoft's history of community support fora
meant only as an extreme example of one company's mismanaged history of
schizophrenic interaction with the public... We now resume our regularly
scheduled program, "Herding Cats in the High Sierra." *grin*

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