[maemo-users] best way to get a n900 in Belgium?

From: Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Date: Mon Sep 28 17:17:32 EEST 2009
I was wondering if anyone knows what the best way is (for someone from
Belgium) to get/(pre)order the n900?
I submitted my email address @ http://maemo.nokia.com/n900/ but still had no response.
Which is kind of weird since presales
have started for already a while for many countries in Europe, but
Belgium is not listed in the presales information at

I also went to the nokia website, but nowhere on the n900 product page
is a link to buy/preorder.

I am however going to the maemo5 summit in Amsterdam, will there be
devices for sale there?  I don't mind not getting a developer reduction
or whatever, I just want it ;)

And what about the free goodies? I heard that the countries where
preordering is possible, you get a free bluetooth headset, but this
action seems to have stopped already in the Netherlands...

Thanks for your help/information.

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