[maemo-users] Weird battery (?) problem bricked N900

From: Dawid Lorenz adl at adl.pl
Date: Tue Apr 13 02:26:33 EEST 2010
A friend of mine has recently bought a N900 (via ebay), used it for ~2 weeks
and now got it bricked in somewhat weird way. He said that during normal
use, just while fiddling with menu/apps, suddenly a "charging error" message
appeared (*without* a charger connected!), notification light turned red and
device has switched off by itself, never booting back again.

As soon as I've got his N900 in my hands, I've started with simply trying to
switch it on. It does indeed switch on, however it gets stuck on white NOKIA
splash screen for about 20-30 seconds and then shuts down again. Once
connected to the charger, it gets into infinite reboot cycle, still not
getting any farer than NOKIA splash screen. Note that notification light is
*solid* amber while hooked up to the charger (usually blinks slowly). Also,
what's probably worth noting, while powering up notification light doesn't
turn on all, while this light in my N900 is always turning white for 1-2
seconds before actually switching display on with initial NOKIA splash.
Anyhow, since device actually does switch on, I've tried to reflash a
firmware, discovering shortly after that device doesn't enter usb mode while
pressing "u" key and plugging cable in. Just powers on and nothing happens
at all. Crap. :(

Now very interesting thing happened when I've swapped battery from my own
N900. On that battery it still didn't boot fully (dying on NOKIA screen),
HOWEVER I was able to enter usb flash mode and reflash firmware. Also, while
connecting wall charger it does display usb icon in screen corner for few
seconds. Unfortunately, despite reflashing both OS and eMMC images, it still
doesn't work, simply shutting itself off after 20-30 seconds. :(

Nonetheless, I was very suprised to see that device was acting a little
differenty with other battery in it. Does that give any clue? Is there any
chance to ressurect my friend's N900? Or a warranty repair is the only
reasonable option here?

Any suggestions are wecome. Thanks!

Dawid 'evad' Lorenz * http://adl.pl

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