[maemo-users] Problem with headset and alsamixer

From: Oleg oleg at hobbykeller.org
Date: Sun Jul 4 17:26:04 EEST 2010

Recently my N900 have started to not recognize the normal Nokia headset any more. Other headphones or line-in connections are still working, so it might be a problem with the headset. After several retries (up to 10 minutes) it finally recognizes it again.

This is obviously very annoying. So I've started to play around with alsamixer -c0 but didn't figure out what settings have to be changed exactly to switch from speaker to headset. The only result was that the mic of the headset has stopped working.

So my two questions are:
1. Is there any possibility to switch manually between speaker and headset by a script or something?
2. What are the default alsamixer settings for the headset?

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