[maemo-users] News an Nokia maps navigation?

From: Nils Faerber nils.faerber at kernelconcepts.de
Date: Tue Jul 13 12:20:15 EEST 2010
Johann Spies wrote:
> On 13 July 2010 09:31, Nils Faerber <nils.faerber at kernelconcepts.de> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Now that Nokia recently announced free turn-by-turn navigation for
>> almost all of their smartphones (all S60 3rd later than ~2008) I am
>> wondering if there will be a version for the N900 too?
>> Currently I feel a little "left behind". For others it may even feel
>> like the wrong choice to have bought the N900.
> I am also looking forward to maps that can be used for offline
> navigation. Apparently Mapper, Mappero and Navit should be able to do
> it, but I could get none of them to use a map I downloaded from
> Openstreetmaps.

Ah - interesting...
I am currently looking deeper into Navit and have it mostly working now.
I am now using the navit maemo packages from
Just add it to your catalogues with distribution /

To actually use a map file you need to add a maps.xml to your user's
homedir.navit, like this

<map type="binfile" enabled="yes"

(you can add multiple of those entries)

Map files can pretty easily be generated from here:

Attached is a .tar.gz (hopefully the ML will let is pass) which contains
a nice UI for navit - just extract it in the user's .navit directory
(and if you d this as root please remember to change ownership and
permission to the user).

By now I have a nice map display, working with the internal GPS,
following the driving direction (auto rotating the map) and even 3D view ;)

What I am still missing is the GUI as shown here:
(the nibbler UI is basically the same for N900 and the original meant
for netbooks).

Maybe this helps!

> Regards
> Johann

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