[maemo-users] N900 does not display a caller's name as in phone book

From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Tue Jun 1 16:19:30 EEST 2010
I did my update over the air using apt-get commands from a terminal

Specifically, you need to have root priviliges to run this.  Since I use SSH
to connect to my machine I can come in easily as root.  If you are going
from the terminal on your phone, you will neeed to gainroot one way or
another.  I have sudo installed, so I can

sudo -i to have a root prompt.

When doing an update over the air, you have to be careful about running out
of space, and I suggest removing any large optional applications.  In my
case, I removed Chromium and a few other applications.

If your previous install failed, you may need to run
apt-get -f install
to fix things up.

You may also want to run
apt-get clean
to remove old versions of installation files from your archives.

You should run
apt-get update
to get information about any new packages to be updated, and then run
apt-get dist-upgrade

This can run for a while.

Also, if there is something in specific that appears to be screwed up, you
may want to try

apt-get install --reinstall -y appname

to force a re-installation of the application.

For more information, please read my blog post

My Over the Aire N900 Update...


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> hi,
> my N900 does not display a caller's name as in phone book recently
> after failed its upgrade recently.
> what happened during that upgrade, i cancelled it but my phone hanged
> so i try to reboot it but it won't and installed the packages that had
> been downloaded (assumption only). It seems ok after a while but then
> i realized i had the problem as above.
> how do i redo the upgrade? apt-get upgrade from terminal?
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