[maemo-users] Fwd: N900 is hot when charged & sucks battery life after updating to PR1.2

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jun 8 15:59:47 EEST 2010

ext khalid khan wrote:
> I have attached the details that how it looks when i write top in X Terminal.

Strangely you had multiple MEM & CPU lines, did you try
to paste the output multiple times from a running "top"

This output would also indicate that you did some extra
activity (hald, maemo-xinput & pulseaudio are active)
while top was monitoring the device:
CPU: 32.0% usr 12.7% sys 0.0% nice 54.9% idle 0.0% io 0.
Load average: 0.87 0.57 0.39
  2853   969 user     R    10296  4.1 16.2 /usr/bin/osso-xter
   797   659 root     S <  16324  6.6 14.6 /usr/bin/Xorg -log
  1091   969 user     S    10484  4.2  8.2 /usr/bin/hildon-de
   746     1 pulse    S <   5016  2.0  2.3 /usr/bin/pulseaudi
   842   769 root     S      912  0.3  0.7 hald-addon-input:
  1083   969 user     S    12560  5.1  0.5 /usr/bin/hildon-st
  2857  2855 user     R      736  0.3  0.5 top
    10     2 root     SW       0  0.0  0.5 [omap2_mcspi]
   716   659 root     S <   2244  0.9  0.3 /sbin/mce --force-
   928     1 user     S     2384  0.9  0.2 /usr/bin/maemo-xin

It's better if you do it like this:
1. start "top"
2. wait 10-15 secs for things to settle down
3. press "q" to quit "top"
4. tap the arrow icon to change into terminal's
    copy paste selection mode
5. copy top output

step 3 above would make sure that your own copy-paste
activity doesn't anymore change what top shows.

Anyway, at least the above "top" output doesn't show any process
using all the CPU constantly.  Battery life can still be ruined
by processes that use even a small amount of CPU, *if* they do it
constantly (also when user isn't interacting with the device)

Another reason for battery drain can be networking related
issues (processes that talk to network too often, don't handle
network disconnects/re-connects properly etc).

 > Can over charging cause battery drain in 7-11 hrs?

Device should be protecting itself from over charging.  Once
the battery is full, it stops charging and waits until battery
charge has dropped a certain amount until it start charging

Btw. Charging always warms the device (as does using the device).
Is the warming somehow exceptional after the PR1.2 update?

	- Eero

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