[maemo-users] Searching in the app manager

From: Dawid Lorenz adl at adl.pl
Date: Wed Jun 9 19:41:31 EEST 2010
On 9 June 2010 17:37, Paul Hartman
<paul.hartman+maemo at gmail.com<paul.hartman%2Bmaemo at gmail.com>
> wrote:

> In general I find it to be MUCH faster and easier to just go to xterm
> and do "apt-cache search foo" rather than deal with application
> manager and all of its monumental slowness.

That's so true.. yet isn't that manual installation via apt-get does some
things slightly different than installing via app manager, hence sometimes
things get broken or device isn't able to upgrade to the next major PR1.x

Not sure what exactly I am talking about here, to be honest, but I'm fairly
sure I've seen it somewhere that installing apps via apt-get might cause
trouble in long run.

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