[maemo-users] Is it possible to install a modified version of Modest mail?

From: Luis Listas lfl at soeiro.com.br
Date: Fri Jun 11 01:19:03 EEST 2010
Hello all

I really would like to use my N900 to check my mail all the time. I 
thought that after PR 1.2 there would be an option to somehow place 
limits on the downloaded messages. Since it seems to be none, I can't 
use it because my data plan is too expensive for emails that include 
Video and PPS attachements.

I was wondering... I could, in theory, make a quick hack to the email 
client application to query the total size before downloading anything 
and just refuse to download stuff larger than some Kbytes. I could do 
better (still in theory): check the current connection type and respect 
the limits only when not in wifi.

If I did it, how could I install that application (since it is an 
"official" application)?

What are your thought on this?

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