[maemo-users] Cannot Verify Certification on login to any webpages

From: khalid.reach at gmail.com khalid.reach at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jun 13 20:12:24 EEST 2010
I don't know how any settings would have been changed.
Normally whenever i click to any bookmarks or start a new webpage there's a verification pop up which is either verified by internal certificate manager or from online certificates.Which is a good feelingness of secure that you are logged into proper website.
But now when i login to any website there is NO verfication pop up & on top when tap to Details it shows Not a secure page.
Website Identity Not Verified.
I have tried Restore Factory Settings but it didn't work out.
I can browse internet ther is no problem but without any security or verfication will sometimes give bad feeling.
Is there anyway to get back the verification working again.
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