[maemo-users] Checking email takes minutes

From: Henrik Frisk frisk.h at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jun 16 10:11:58 EEST 2010
> I'm still having the same problems after emptying my inbox. Checking
> my server for new messages takes minutes (the wheel is spinning) but
> no mail is downloaded despite new messages on the server. At the same
> time I can log in and see my new messages in a webmail session. I
> guess the next thing to do is to delete the settings for this account
> and re-enter it. Anyone else has a better idea? I'm really annoyed
> with this as I'm usually relying on my N900 checking my email for me.
So after having deleted the email account and reentered it again I'm
still having the same problem checking my email. Sometimes the device
just keeps spinning the little status wheel and displaying a message
in a yellow bar saying "Updating". If I reboot the device, most of the
time I can check my messages. Has no one else has experienced this or
something similar?

For me the device is close to useless to me if I can't work with email
in an efficient way on it. Any suggestions?

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