[maemo-users] ICQ account sometimes seems to forget settings on reconnect

From: Tanuva tanuva at googlemail.com
Date: Thu Jun 17 23:22:26 EEST 2010

My ICQ account has stopped working frequently when logging on/off on
internet connection change, f.e. UMTS -> WLAN or the other way round.
The day before yesterday, I found out that it actually forgot some
settings that it needed to work. Today, when I checked it, the ICQ
server port was gone. Another time, the complete advanced settings
dialog was empty on opening it. This also occurs on creation of a new
account. Canceling and restarting the new account wizard solves the
problem as well as readding the ICQ account. The workaround is very
annoying though because I need to reassociate all ICQ contacts with the
people in the N900's phone book. (Click their ICQ num which is still
there and select my ICQ account, then online status is visible again.)

This behaviour also occured to my jabber account once (!). Can I get
some debug information from somewhere? Does someone share these


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