[maemo-users] Ovi store webpage not working on N900

From: khalid.reach at gmail.com khalid.reach at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jun 27 22:09:37 EEST 2010
Dear Andre
Thanks for your reply i followed your steps but couldn't find " general.useragent.override but there is "general.useragent.vendor" available & the value for it is FireFox/3.5 Maemo Browser RX-51 N900 
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> Am Sonntag, den 27.06.2010, 16:58 +0000 schrieb khalid.reach at gmail.com:
> > We're sorry 
> > Ovi Store is currently not available for your device. 
> I get "Upgrade your Nokia N900 to enter Ovi Store" at least. :P
> > What could be the problem it was ok before. 
> Tell us which browser related 3rd party apps you have installed that
> might have changed your useragent string. :)
> When opening the browser, entering the address "about:config" in the
> location field, clicking "I'll be careful, I promise!" and entering
> "useragent" in the Filter field, is the value of
> "general.useragent.override" different from the value of
> "general.useragent.vendor"?
> If so, copy the value from vendor to override and try to access Ovi
> Store again.
> andre
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> Andre Klapper (maemo.org bugmaster)
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