[maemo-users] Issues with N900 (keyboard backlight, leds, jack sense)

From: Jérôme Bove jerome at bove.ch
Date: Tue Nov 2 12:22:34 EET 2010
Hi all !
My N900 has some issues and I just don't want to send it to Nokia Center.
I tried to flash it (emmc + rootfs)
Problems are :
- Keyboard backlight and the (multicolor) led just doesn't light.
Here is the result of some commands (running as root):

Nokia-N900:~# ls /sys/class/leds/

Nokia-N900:~# rmmod leds_lp5523
Nokia-N900:~# modprobe leds_lp5523
Nokia-N900:~# dmesg
[19776.520812] lp5523: probe of 2-0032 failed with error -121

- When I put a jack headphone in the phone, it's not detected by the phone
and I still hear sound by speakers. The event is detected by dmesg
If i connect and disconnect the headphones:

Nokia-N900:~# dmesg
[19920.847106] headphone (GPIO 177) is now connected
[19925.729705] headphone (GPIO 177) is now disconnected

Can you help me please ?
I'm desesperate

Jérôme Bove
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