[maemo-users] PR1.3 OTA update - overriding Nokia PC Suite prompt

From: Dawid Lorenz dawid at lorenz.co
Date: Wed Nov 3 19:51:53 EET 2010
On 3 November 2010 16:11, Dawid Lorenz <dawid at lorenz.co> wrote:

> PR1.3 variant 203 has finally landed in my App Manager, but when I try to
> upgrade I get *"you must use Nokia PC Suite"* message and upgrade fails.
> How to avoid this and carry on with OTA anyway? I presume it could be a
> matter of some conflicting packages in the background - if so, how to
> determine which packages are blocking PR1.3 update?

Case is now closed. Turned out finding out conflicting packages was as
simple as tapping "Details" button in Maemo5 update in App Manager.

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