[maemo-users] Installing Firefox 4 beta 2 in N900 - howto?

From: Dawid Lorenz dawid at lorenz.co
Date: Fri Nov 5 16:04:43 EET 2010
I'm experiencing problems installing Firefox 4 beta 2 on my device. I
currently don't have Firefox/fennec installed at all. So here's what I do to
get latest beta installed:

1) Go to http://firefox.com/m/beta in N900's browser - click "Download for
Maemo" button.
2) App Manager starts and prompts to add new "Mozilla multi Beta Catalogue".
I confirm so App Manager takes its usual time to do stuff before I get
prompt to install Firefox 1.1 (!!!) which comes from "Ovi" repository,
rather than Firefox 4.0b2 from Mozilla repo.
3) I cancel that installation, go to catalogue manager, disable Ovi
repository and completely delete "Mozilla beta" repo as well. App Manager
again takes time to refresh repos in the background.
4) I go back to firefox.com/m/beta and restart whole procedure.
5) When App Manager kicks in, I get prompt to add "Mozilla beta" catalogue,
I confirm that but then I get... "Unable to donwload fennec. Application
package not found". :-o

What gives?! Did anyone experience similar issues and got workaround?

Dawid 'evad' Lorenz * http://dawid.lorenz.co

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