[maemo-users] Displaying the content of a N810 tablet with a video projector

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Nov 29 20:23:26 EET 2010
Hi Didier,

COURTAUD Didier wrote:
> I would want to display the content of my N810 tablet through a video
> projector.
> I have succeeded to connect to the video projector via USB but the
> tablet does not show anything !
> How can I order it to send its display to the videoprojector ?
> Do I need to install another X server thant Xomap ?

I know we had a set-up to do this at the Maemo Summit in 2008. Eric
Warnke might be able to help you with some pointers if he's still about?

I was sure I had see a HOWTO about doing this in the wiki, but it
appears not.

Can someone help document this here, please, so that we can get it
documented in the wiki too?


maemo.org docsmaster
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