[maemo-users] Modrana running sometimes leads to battery disconnect reboot

From: Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Date: Sun Sep 12 16:25:26 EEST 2010
I find Modrana to be one of the best navigation applications freely
available on N900 till the following happens:

After a random amount of time of continuous usage (typically a few hours)
of modrana, N900 hangs very badly in following state

1. You can't switch the display on by display toggle button.
2. It doesn't respond to calls, power button, camera or any such external
3. The device starts getting very hot.
4. It doesn't respond over ssh if I try to login to it to figure out its
5. Only way out is to restart by removing the battery. (If I wait for a
while for it to recover the battery gets drained.)

I do not know of a way to enable logging so that some postmortem of this
state can be made.

Would appreciate any help to analyze this issue.

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