[maemo-users] Can we talk about Games?

From: Paul Hartman paul.hartman+maemo at gmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 26 02:12:49 EEST 2011
On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 5:06 PM, Francisco Diaz Trepat - gmail
<francisco.diaztrepat at gmail.com> wrote:
> First of all, I have only doom installed.
> My nephew told me my phone was boring, so I pulled up x-term and did hg pull
> on my Go language directory, hg update, and sudo all.bash.
> He wasn't impressed, and I wanted to punch him in the face... But he was
> kind of right. I went to http://maemo.org/downloads/Maemo5/games/
> And I thought it was kind of lame (I love my N900).
> Is anyone here a moderate to high gamer and has done any nice game
> installations so far? (GOOD GRAPHICS GOOD GAME PLAY ETC, )
> can you give me a few recommendations? *other than punching my nephew*

Well, with games on N900 it's mainly like games on other platforms.
The best stuff costs money or is probably illegal (games played in

Ovi Store has several commercial games, some are free, some costs
money. Many have a "lite" version to trial.

For free games from extras, I like WarMUX, it is an open-source clone
of the famous game Worms. You can play online against other people,
and it has fun sound & graphics and performance is wonderful on N900.
Using the keyboard you can switch weapons easily, it's really very

Frozen Bubble is also simple and fun, a clone of Bust-A-Move/Puzzle Bobble.

OpenArena is like Quake 3 Arena. It performs well but I find it
extremely difficult to play using the N900's controls.
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