[maemo-users] Xbox 360 Media Remote cannot start game or play

From: khalid.reach at gmail.com khalid.reach at gmail.com
Date: Sat Feb 12 19:46:31 EET 2011
Can somebody help for the below pls.
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> Hi,
> I have downloaded the Xbox 360 Media Remote on my N900 & it works good
> with power on/off, open/close the disc tray & even selecting contents
> like video or music plays well but unfortunately when it comes to game
> any game i select it opens then when the time comes to press the start
> button on screen i cannot start by pressing any button from my N900
> remote all other things work so perfectly but what happens when it has
> to play games bcoz as u know it is mainly meant for games isn't it?
> Whether it is only meant to control media like videos or music & not
> games? Pls help on this.
> For ur information i have already setup the console to use media remote
> under settings & my N900 is already updated to PR 1.3
> Thanks 
> Khalid
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