[maemo-users] Problem Sending SMS from N900

From: Rick B. rabil at clear.net
Date: Sat Jan 15 10:14:46 EET 2011
I installed catblock to block incoming calls and SMS from certain phone
numbers and SMSCON to have the phone contact me if it were lost or
stolen. With catblock, I tested it with one of the two LG420G phones
that I have, then removed the number from the list of blocked phones.
When testing SMSCON via SMSCON-GUI, I can have the N900 make phone calls
to both LG420G's and it will send SMS to the other LG420G but not the
one that I had temporarily blocked. I have a hard time believing that
catblock is blocking out going text messages. But I've tried everything
I can think of. I can send text messages back an forth between the two
LG420G's, I can send text messages from the N900 to the one LG420G and
other phones and I can send text messages from other phones to both
LG420G's but I cannot get the N900 to send any text messages to the one
LG420G (opposite direction does not work either). The LG420G is a simple
phone (bluetooth, camera, text and web) and I don't think it has any way
to block text messages from a particular phone. The N900 is on T-Mobile
and the LG420G's are on Tracfone. I've tried re-booting all the devices.
Any ideas on what is wrong and/or what else to try?

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