[maemo-users] mms

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Thu Jan 20 08:45:32 EET 2011
I've had fmms working for quite some time, pretty much since it's creation over a year ago. (Off an on... there were a few broken versions where it stopped working, then started again. :)

It's rather simple to setup if you follow the wiki age (linked on the first page of the forum announce thread) and follow the instructions there.  Fmms shouldn't be using 3G at all, it's all done over 2G, thus the need for a separate APN listing.  I doubt it's fmms that's using that much data in any case, as the max size for MMS is typically in the 40 to 50K range.  More likely it's App Manager, which can use 20MB to 30MB of data per online hit if it's updating and you have extras-devel enabled.

As for those with an "extra" MMS connection, that should have been removed when fmms was uninstalled.  If it wasn't you can always grab the fapn utility to remove the extra apn, or search the online forum for the thread about how to remove it by hand via xterm.  (fapn is much simpler though.)  The best place to get help for this is really the forum, as most people don't subscribe to the mailing lists.

---- Johann Spies <johann.spies at gmail.com> wrote: 

I could never get mms working on my phone despite having fmms and the
correct settings which my service provider set on my phone.
Are there any other N900 users who had success with this?

A recent effort to receive a mms resulted (after several aborted
connections) in a warning that I have used more than 100Mb of 3G
connection.  That is expensive!


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